Friday, November 09, 2007

The Big Disconnect

Pundit Nation is going on about how House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI), is going to shut down the war by attaching shut down clauses to every appropriations bill. Bush has already vetoed one of these bills. Here is what our Pundit fails to see:

There is a big disconnect here.

If the war is so unpopular why doesn't Congress shut it down?

Could it be that the majority of those unhappy with the war are unhappy with losing?

Southerners just hate losing wars. They just hate it. Three times in 300 years is just too much to bear (1861-65, 'Nam, with Iraq potential for #3).

So who put the Democrats over the top in '06? Southerners. Southerners contribute disproportionately to the military. Whose sons and daughters are in the field in Iraq? Southerners. If the Democrats get too obstructionist about the war they will lose the South.

Do you understand? The Republicans have a majority in the House. Let me repeat: The Republicans have a majority in the House. The war will be a victory for Americans or a defeat for Democrats.

All that Obey stuff is just theater for those who can't count.

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