Thursday, September 08, 2005

Victory Garden

Here is a nice government site with some very good tips on preparing for disaster. How to make up your own personal emergency survival kit. Kind of like a Victory Garden or Civil Defence for the war and natural disasters.

Of course this is a personal minimum.

Other things to consider:

A short wave radio run on rechargeable batteries or a wind up radio. If the batteries are rechargeable a solar or hand cranked recharger.

A wood stove if you live in a cold climate and are not in a major town or city.

Five gallons of gasoline - especially if you have an auto or generator. Even if you don't it will be a resource for those who do.

A campstove run by propane. The kind of propane used for blow torches. Have extra cylinders on hand. A hot meal or hot tea/coffe can help keep you warm or provide a boost to keep going when you have to. You can also steralize water or medical eqpt.

First Aid training.

Firearms. One thousand rounds per weapon. Even a .22 would be helpful. Learn to maintain your weapon. Learn to shoot straight.

Amateur radio gear. Get a license and practice on Field Day. Every year. When the power goes you want to be able to communicate.

If you are going to spend alot of time on the couch, don't eat so many potatoes. Better yet. Exercise. Want a home gym? Good Will sells them cheap.

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