Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm Having Trouble

Update: 04:50z 16 Sept '05

Whatever the problem was, it is now fixed. Blogger support was good. So was the help I got from my isp.


I'm having trouble reaching urls of the form where xxxxx.. is "powerandcontrol" "atoolofthemachine" "fallbackbelmontclub" "neo-neocon" or any other of that form.

I get a timed out, connection refused, or a not responding error.

Now obvioiusly if you are reading this you know that not all blogger urls are unavailable to me. Obviously I am getting the "edit" page. I can't get their "status" page but I can get the "contact us for help" page.

If any one has any ideas click on the Contact bit on the sidebar and send me an e-mail.
In fact if you see this send me an e-mail. It will be another piece in the puzzle to know that this went up.

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