Sunday, September 11, 2005

One Year Ago Today

This is the one year aniversary of the blog. So far it has been fun. Quite a few instalanches and other fun. I owe it all to the comments section of The Belmont Club. I needed a blogger account to comment there so I opened this blog.

My goal was for 100,000 hits the first year. How close am I? About 90,400. Not too bad.

I've also opened a second blog about one of my hobbies: CNC machine tools.

It is called A Tool of the Machine.

I look forward to another year - the Maker willing.


Nice mention of this post here. They are underwater folks and have no respect for skimmers. I suppose in their book I'm not so bad because I'm nuke qualified. And my brother-in-law was a nuke (electrician) on a boat. Did I mention he is a real nuke these days at a power plant in Michigan?

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Bubblehead said...

Congrats! I had thought you'd been around a lot longer than that... but you only started six days before me.