Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bust Pork, Not Drugs

The single largest item of pork in the Federal Government is drug prohibition.

It is a failure. Illegal drugs are easier for kids to get than alcohol or tobacco.

It costs at least $19 bn every year at the Federal level. About $78 billion at the local level.

It increases crime and police corruption.

It deprives the sick of medicine.

It is worh billions to the drug companies who do not have to compete with easily grown natural herbs. Anti-anxiety drugs are a $42 bn market. Cannabis could put a significant dent in that market. Can't let home grown herbs interfere with profits.

In addition cannabis is often used as a substitute for alcohol and tobacco among those who use those substances for self medication. So now you know why the alcohol and tobacco companies are in on the deal.

Drug prohibition creates crime. Mayor Daley the Second says that 85% of the crime in Chicago is prohibition related. What is the advantage to the government of Republican Socialism: price supports for criminals? Tough question.

The Calif. prison guard union favors stronger penalties for prohibition violations. So now you know why why they are in on the scam. Jobs.

Prohibition always creates a significant violence problem. Now you know why the police are participating. Jobs. And the guarenteed profits from property confiscations.

Why are lawyers and judges in on the deal? Let me think.

This is the biggest harm creating project of the Federal Government since alcohol prohibition. The sooner we cut it the better.

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