Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Obama Needs A Cabinet Czar

This is some really weird news. Who thinks Obama needs a cabinet czar? If you can believe the news reports - Obama.

The larger mission is to make the dealings between the Cabinet and the White House more functional, several senior officials said. Daley, a former commerce secretary himself, has been calling agency heads for input, asking about the process over the past two years - and promising that it will change.

At the same time, the White House recently created the position of Cabinet communications director, appointing media adviser Tom Gavin to the job. The goal, according to the official statement, is "to better coordinate with and utilize members of the Cabinet" and is a "high priority."

The extent of the dysfunction was described in nearly two dozen interviews over several months with White House advisers, agency officials and operatives who work with both.
It kind of makes you wonder who really is in charge.

Obama is looking like he holds the position of Class President. All the real work is handled by the taxpayers, the teachers, and the administration. He gets to decide where to hang the decorations for the senior prom. As long as no nails are used. And he better make a really good speech at graduation.

Which is to say I think Obama is being shunted further aside. He is the mouthpiece. He is not the brains of the outfit. That job belongs to William Daley.

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