Thursday, March 03, 2011

Busing In Outside Agitators

A commenter at Althouse said:

They are clearly talking about Union Thugs being bused in from out of state.
In reference to a video link some one posted up thread (225 comments long last I checked).

This sparked remembrance of the civil rights marches of the 60s (I went to a few) and the cry from pillars of the community that "outside agitators" were coming in and disrupting peacefully segregated communities.

The old "outside agitators" ploy.

It is a good thing. The union funds for 2012 will be trimmed. I read of one union taking out a $90 million loan to fight this battle. Even if they win it has got to hurt in 2012.

Weaken them and when they are weak go for the (word meaning demise by external forces). How is that for civility?

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Trip said...

That would be 'busing.' 'Bussing' means kissing. And though liberal politicians are renowned for having their lips attached to the dumpers of their union masters, I don't get the sense of that meaning from the article.

M. Simon said...

Black Betty,

You are correct. I fixed it.