Wednesday, September 16, 2009


From the Mail Online comes a bit of news about White House reaction to the 9/12 March Against Washington.

As many as one million people flooded into Washington for a massive rally organised by conservatives claiming that President Obama is driving America towards socialism.

The size of the crowd - by far the biggest protest since the president took office in January - shocked the White House.
Glenn Beck has a few words to say to a caller about the DC March.
CALLER: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: And they also quote somebody in the White House saying that the White House was shocked at the number. Now, you're not going to get that in the mainstream press here in America, but that's what the Daily Mail is reporting today.

Now, everybody in Washington knows, and the great thing is America now understands. America now knows that America is awake. It is the best news ever. America is awake.

So don't worry about what you see in the mainstream media. Start keeping track of who you can trust and who you can't. You know, I said, when was it, last Wednesday maybe when this ACORN stuff started to come out, I wondered why nobody would cover the Van Jones story when it happened. I asked for answers. I just wanted somebody to answer the question: How much power does this guy have, who let him into the White House, what does all of this mean for the policies of the president.
My local paper (the Rockford Register Star in case you are interested) has been very light on coverage of this movement. So I wrote them a love letter:

I noticed you missed the Van Jones story - until he was gone.
I noticed you missed the ACORN taxfraud/child prostitution story - and now Congress has cut ACORN funds.
I noticed you have been very light on the Tea Party stories and yet those parties are having a huge effect on politics in America.

I'm told by the Mail Online (a Brit paper) that Mr. Obama was shocked at the size of the demonstrations. How come they report it and you are silent?

Conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states.

Something is happening here and you don't know what it is. Or at least you are not reporting it.

You know it would be a shame if you started going down the Washington Post road - losing $1.10 for every paper sold.

You may find this blog from Russia interesting:

Red Tape
It is said that Washington DC Police estimate about 1.2 Million people collected to protest Obama and socialistic policies on Sept. 12. Estimates are as high as 2 million people. It depends on what time of day the estimate was from. That's a lot of people! Apart from this protest there were protests in many cities in every state in the union. One DC police officer said, “I’ve been here 20 years and this is the largest crowd I’ve ever seen.”

This is HUGE news! Funny how most media ignores and belittles this backlash. The media in the USA has become like Putin's state media. I see very little difference in the way US news anchors and major media news treat negative stories on the Obama White House and the way the protests against Putin were handled by Russian press and the way Putin dismissed his critics as loons influenced by the West and the US. What makes the massive turnout around the country so significant is that it is the first truly conservative mass movement in American history. And Obama fled to Minnesota for the day!

Though even news sources reported numbers from 70,000 to as high as 1.5 million there is now an argument over the number, and protesters are being labeled as white bigots, old, hicks and even Republicans, when in reality they are non-partisan.
A Russian blogger gets it and you don't. I hope you are suitably amused.


This is so amazing to me. Media shouting led to Obama's rise. Their silence will lead to his downfall. Because the silence enrages the Americans who are being ignored. Those Americans will keep raising their voices until they are heard. Town Halls were not enough. A million people in Washington were not enough. I'm thinking a 40 seat loss in the House for supporters of the President will get some attention. And if that is not enough there is always 2012.

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RavingDave said...

I went to the DC Rally. It was awesome! I personally asked a DC Police officer what the crowd size was, and he told me his superiors had informed him it was 1.5 million. I then asked him if the crowd was well behaved compared to other crowds he had seen, and he told me that it was the nicest and politest crowd he'd ever dealt with. He said that most crowds try to agitate and stir up trouble for the publicity, but at this crowd there had been no such incidents.

As we were walking down Pennsylvania blvd, people claimed to have seen two Marine Helicopters taking off from the White House. The rumor spread through the crowd that the Secret Service had become alarmed at the size of the Crowd and decided to whisk Obama outta there.

The Metro stations were crowded, the Metro cars were crowded like sardine cans, every stop, more people tried to get in the car, until no more could fit. The guy that was with us who had lived in DC said when we got to the Metro station that this was gonna be big. He said that normally on a weekend, you have just a few people using the metro, but in this case, the crowd was so huge at the station we had to stand in line for 45 minutes just to get a day pass. Same thing with the bathrooms.

I met a LOT of people from New York. They all assured me that not all of New York was Blue.

I had a great time, but got worn out by the time the day was over. Would love to do it again one of these days. The people were some of the best that America has to offer.


Anonymous said...


You must have included all the ants on the sidewalks with that 1.5 million estimate. The DC Fire and Emergency department says it was 60-70K. Of course, you were probably one of those suckers who kept passing around that 10+ year old photo of the Promise Keepers rally as "proof".

RavingDave said...

Found out where that 60K estimate came from. An unofficial Fire Dept. est of the crowd at the Capitol at 9:43, over an Hour before the event was scheduled to happen.

The crowd at that time was rallying in Freedom Plaza. No one was at the capital area. Look at the traffic cam video and you can see what I mean. A Huge throng of people moving down Pennsylvania avenue around 10:30 .