Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kop Corruption

One of the things that helped end alcohol prohibition was police corruption.

Barry Cooper (Kop Buster) also helped bust a police officer who was soliciting underage boys.
“Within a short time, we hope to have a corrupt police chief in jail for seven felony warrants [for] harming kids,” he told reporters. “I acted as a undercover journalist-informant, they listed me as the informant on the arrest affidavit. I befriended this officer and made him believe that I was his friend and that I wanted to clear his name. The truth was, I was relaying all that information to the Combine police department.”

Cooper continued: “As an ex-narcotics officer, I’ve experienced corruption and seen it myself. My wife suggested that I use my experience to go and start busting corrupt police officers instead of citizens. That’s when we formed ‘KopBusters,’ a reality TV show. We’re hoping to have 13 episodes up on [...] TV very soon. I feel [passionate] about my job, and we’re using these stings so I can win Texas attorney general in 2010, because in that position I can expose police corruption even further, take their salaries and begin paying police officers six-figure incomes … The one’s that deserve it.”
I wish Barry good luck. However, the very best way to end the corruption of drug prohibition is the same way we ended the corruption of alcohol prohibition. Legalize.

And visit Kop Busters

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Unknown said...

Don't forget legalizing soliciting young boys too. After all, corruption is a bad thing.

Let's be proactive and legalize raping young boys too. After all, we wouldn't want to be racist to muslim (sufi to be specific) police officers. You see the "divine love of young boys" shows them (apparently) the "beauty of allah".

M. Simon said...

What in the hell does legalizing what people eat, smoke, drink or otherwise personally consume have to do with attacking, coercing, intimidating, luring others?

It would be nice if you understood the difference. I don't expect you to be able to think. Unfortunately.

But come back often. I can always use an example of how deranged a certain segment of the social conservative population is.

In any case I'm winning the political argument and you are losing it. Just ask these cops:

Law officers discuss prohibition

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

M. Simon said...

And I take it that you are in favor of police corruption - given the post you are commenting on?

You know. I may just do a post on you. I could title it: Social Conservatives Favor Police Corruption. Great advertisement for your position don't you think?