Friday, September 11, 2009

Five Years Of Blogging

This is the beginning of my sixth year of blogging. It all started when Belmont Club was on blogspot and required registration. And with registration came the opportunity (or was it a requirement back then?) to start a blog. So how about a snappy title something political and also having to do with my work as an aerospace engineer? Kind of a pun.

The government in a short time (my 65th birthday) is going to FORCE me to join Medicare despite the fact that my mate's insurance from her work is perfectly adequate. And along with that FORCE they are going to extract $100 a month from my wallet. So I'm going to need some money to make up the difference. I'd like to do tech writing, any other kind of engineering, or even just writing (contact me) I can do mostly from my home (I have an ill son) or I'd like a lot of folks to sign up for monthly subscriptions. Donate or subscribe. What ever you can afford - it will help.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.

$10 monthly

$25 monthly

$50 monthly

$100 monthly

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Neil said...

Heh. You do get my vote for best blog title.