Saturday, September 01, 2007

Prevent Global Warming - Give Up Soda Pop

That would be one little change that could help put off the advent of catastrophic global warming.

Soda pop drinkers and the companies that supply the soda drinkers are intentionally destroying the planet. One thing soda drinkers could do is to put one can out of every six they drink in storage. That would sequester at least part of the CO2.

So some one is going to tell me next that the CO2 is coming from natural sources. OK. So they have it in tanks. Why are they putting it in soda pop instead of burying it?

How can they release dangerous gases into the world?

Inspired by papertiger in the comments at The Reference Frame

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Anonymous said...

My cure for global warming involves drinking the Kool-Aid.

I'm pretty proud of that.

And my commercial to win Al Gore's SUV, I don't even need to invent anything. I'll just steal this guy's stuff.

Anonymous said...

Lots to work with here.

M. Simon said...


Plan 59


Unknown said...

If you want to sequester carbon, quit recycling your damned newspaper.

Read it, then put it in the landfill. The carbon will stay there for a million years.

Grow new trees taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and releasing wonderful fresh O2. Make paper from the trees and BURY IT AGAIN.

Repeat as needed

LarryD said...

d's suggestion isn't a joke. A 1998 study found North America was carbon negative, timber harestung and replanting is the cheapest carbon sequestration technology.

Unknown said...

Sorry if it came off as flip. It really is serious.

We don't have a shortage of landfill area in the US. A lot of people think we do because of the image we have of the "barge to nowehere" from New York in the 80's. But it's phony - the barge couldn't discharge it's load because of a contract dispute.

It's simple. Take an open pit coal mine. Run it out of coal. Refill it with burnable garbage - just don't burn it. Most of it will be paper or packaging, almost all of it will be organic - HELLO!! It's a HYDROCARBON. Refill the mine, the entire output of the mine is carbon nutral.

Grow anything. Switch grass, if you want. Kudzu. Hemp. Cut it down, dry it, bury it. Carbon sequestration.

You've canceled your newspaper because you get your news on the internet? You're contributing to global warming. Email? More global warming. Suscribe to magazines, send real mail, print out multiple drafts, do it in triplicate. Don't recycle. Save the Planet.

M. Simon said...


Very sensible and amusing. If CO2 mattered.