Tuesday, September 04, 2007

John Edwards In Iowa

My mother visited John Edwards in Osceola, Iowa, Monday. Mom is a die hard Democrat and likes Edwards. My mom met Edwards and told him she was a breast cancer survivor and had lost a young son (my brother Jeff). Edwards put an arm on mom's shoulder said "God Bless You" and gave her a little hug.

Now I really don't like Edward's policies, but I have to say that mom's story humanized him a lot for me. BTW mom (who is about to turn 88) thought Edwards was really handsome.

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Reliapundit said...

pretty boy john is beginning to look like jim lehrer... they could b cousins

Snake Oil Baron said...

I thought Jimmy Carter was a nice guy when almost all I knew about him was that he was president and did that Habitat for Humanity work. I am not saying that Edwards is as nasty as Carter but people make the best impression when they reveal as little as possible.