Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm With Joe

I'm with Joe Lieberman.

Leaving Iraq would put us in a much worse situation than the current one.

Evidently the Democrats want to test that proposition.

Interesting times.


Reliapundit said...

Senator Lamont begs to differ...

by which i mean to say that the dem leadership obeisance to the kossacks is idiotic.

they won congress on abramoff, foleygate and maccacca, but seem to believe that the kossacks gave it to them.

further proof that this conclusion is wrong is the fact that the key close races were won by more conservative dems (tester, webb etc).

nevertheless they kowtow to kos and the loons and moonbats.

jfk and truman are spinning in their graves.

Snake Oil Baron said...

Lieberman's sensible stance on Iraq even at the expense of his party's support makes me just about forgive him for throwing in with those who claim that people like me (video gamers) are all psychopathic killbots who need to be protected from their leisure activities in order to prevent us from eating babies.

Frankly, his political beliefs and mine converge and diverge more often than a fly's head and a glass window. He does not believe in screwing with the constitution for social engineering reasons like baning gay marriage or flag burning which I admire. But he also goes and supports gun control and according to Wikipedia (yeah, I know) opposes much of the Bush tax cut.

He is the type of person who I would like to see as either a check on someone's power or as someone with power that was severely checked.

M. Simon said...


Yeah, Joe has a lot of negatives. What politician doesn't?

OTOH - he gets the War - a big plus.

He also gets that if you want social welfare you must have a robust economy to support it.

I'd vote for him just to give the Rs a break from thinking they own the Presidency.

On the R side Rudy or Fred.