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July 4th Bikinis - 2007

I did a 4th of July Bikini edition last year. It was so popular (with me) that I'm doing it again. I love doing the research. BTW not work safe. Probably not wife safe. Unless you have a forgiving mate such as I do.

A thrifty little number. Just enough material to make things interesting.

A favorite from last year. They have links to lots of bikini companies.

Big tops in a patriotic motif. This is not about the circus.

American Flag Bikini

This woman has no clothes on under whatever it is she is wearing.

Jessica Simpson

Flags, actual flags.

Suits mostly for men.

Check out the stars on this young woman. For those of a more green persuasion.

A whole page of flag bikinis. Not much material to study. Which is just the way I like it.

Two Ujena girls model one bikini. And no. It is not as good as it sounds. It is still pretty good.

When I tell you I had to browse through the whole Ujena bikini catalog to find these you will appreciate the all the hard effort that went into this project. I love America!

Here are some more from Ujena. You know those could just be different models in the same suit. I'll have to pay closer attention.

A tasteful little number.

American, Confederate, and Texas flags. They say every thing is bigger in Texas. Judging by the illustrations I'd have to agree.

Fourth of July is traditionally an outdoor holiday. Here are some folks who say that you shouldn't neglect the indoor fire works either.

I think this young lady is celebrating Texas. What ever she is celebrating I want to assist in any way I can. Maybe she needs her exposed parts covered with suntan oil. To avoid burning. I'm told that even indoors sun screen can be an essential safety requirement.

I wish they had a flag motifed suit like this one. Oh well.

This one just says, "Hey Sailor". And here is one ready for Fleet Week. This one prefers officers, this lady says make love not war. How about we do both? And yes. I know. Not a bikini in the lot. Well I have this thing for sailors see. And. Well. Never mind....

Fisher men love these. Navy men are quite fond of them as well. That makes them patriotic and thus their inclusion here. You were expecting a red, white, and blue fishnet? Maybe next year. Here is one with a bigger mesh. Probably for bigger fish.

The ad copy says this model comes with a skirt. With just string ties holding it on I'm sure it will not impede progress. In fact this is just the suit for semi-radical progressives. And you know me. I'm here to help progress any way I can. "That skirt a little to tight on you honey? Here, let me help with the strings."

Here is a girl with her heart in the right place

Keep a look out for this Air Force Drill Instructor. She is being investigated by the Air Force to see if she is a threat to good order and discipline. Not work safe. Not wife safe. And no flags. I hate it when that happens.

The DI is posed here in a bikini so tight it looks painted on. In fact it is painted on. The only thing connecting this with the Stars and Stripes is the name of the paper it appeared in. A real morale booster. Boosted mine.

The Stars and Stripes has a picture of the paint being applied. That has got to be a tough job. I'd likely get distracted and have to erase my mistakes. It could take days. Especially the bottoms. I can just hear the DI now, "What are you doing down there, MISTER??" "Just erasing my mistakes Mam."

A cute couple. A very nice pair.

Sequins and glass beads your thing for your Las Vegas Holiday Review or a production of Yankee Doodle Dandy? We have just what you are looking for.

Here is one for the ladies. I never knew you could stick that many rolls of quarters in a man's bikini. Stars and stripes too! Any way you look at it the guy has a small fortune in his underwear.

I like the cut of her jib. She is with a gentleman wearing half as much as she is. I hate discrimination. Here is a lady who will not be discriminated against. Let's hear it for women's lib.

This one is from a UK company. Accompanied by a guitar. It is listed as seriously chic. Is it possible that America is more popular in the UK than we have been lead to believe?

This one is from an article in a newspaper. I have skipped the dull boring part. What is left is only a picture. "Only", he says. Well it is very nice. And patriotic. There is just something about two smiling girls who appear friendly with each other.

A large young lady in a large bikini top. Despite all that, the lady appears to be winning or losing the battle with the bikini. Depending.

America bound and gagged. Some people have very weird fantasies.

I just had to include this one. It is on sale. It says 30% off. Looks more like 90% off to me. Actually it says take 30% off until gone. Given what is already gone taking another 30% off won't leave much.

For patriotic Brits this one is in lime.

The red and white are missing, as is most everything else. They got the blue right. Patriotism is still alive. There is a red, white, and blue model.

Another lady who looks good in blue. More or less in blue.

Here is the most amazing bikini I have seen so far in my researches. One string (well maybe two) that cover the top and the bottom. Rather inadequately I might add.

A look at the history of Flag wear with a focus on American girls. The top of the article is not work safe. The very bottom is not wife safe. In a tasteful sort of way. Sort of.

That is all for this year. I hope you all give thanks to the men and women who have made this possible.

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