Friday, July 27, 2007

I Get Around

From time to time I post things at Classical Values and at The Astute Bloggers that I don't post here in order to keep the bandwidth low. Like Station Of Record which has a picture of one of our official weather stations on which climate modelers depend for their data.

So check out those places from time to time if you want to keep up with all of my writing.


Anonymous said...

I was rummaging around and found this headline at KTVU (a Bay area TV station).
Record Heat Bakes North Coast .CRESCENT CITY, -- High temperatures and rain along the far northern coast of California are setting records as residents endure uncharacteristically warm, muggy nights.
Crescent City is just up the coast from Eureka California, where my grandparents lived. I visited there often. Along that stretch of coast the temperature never deviates and it's always raining, drizzling, or foggy, so it piqued my interest to find out what would be considered uncharacteristicly warm.
Here is the forecast this week for Crescent City. Sixty (60) degrees!
Imagine baking in that "heat wave"!

Needed to share that with somebody, and thought you might need your daily dose of climate change porn.

best regards PT

M. Simon said...


When I lived in CA I spent a couple of years in the Redway area.

Whitethtorn/Briceland to be exact.

Eureka was the "Big City" for us.

Sixty - not much pornography there.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in CA I spent a couple of years in the Redway area.

they call it the lost coast on the internet. Nothin but fishermen and pot farms. Small world huh.
Was there a Navy station over there?

M. Simon said...

I was hanging with some fishermen in Trinidad for a few months.

I knew some farmers in the Redway area.