Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hamas Has To Be Engaged

Colin Powell says Hamas must be engaged.

I say no to engagement. We should go straight to the shotgun wedding. Two blasts and then last rites. Til death do us part.

What part of active diplomacy doesn't Powell understand?

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A Jacksonian said...

For me the Palestinians have had 59 years to actually create a viable Nation that did not use terrorism as its only means of expression. I mean, look... they can't even find a Dictator to take the place over and establish a Nation there! A Dictator would at least get the place organized into a Nation, use Gaza as a play-palace and show case and the West Bank as a support mechanism for it... a place that can't even get a good, old fashioned dictator to take it over?

No talks with HAMAS no talks with Fatah. None. They can organize a committee to surrender and get a Peace Treaty with Israel and finally establish a Nation. You know? Accountable to other Nations, diplomacy and such? Not just as a human piggy-bank to expend in mindless, senseless, decades long terrorism.

In the current situation I really see only one, good solution for Gaza: embargo and send in lots of AK-47 ammo.

Hamas had a choice between guns and butter from the last election: govern or continue terrorism. They chose guns. Lets shut them in and let out those who abandon all claims to Israel for themselves and their children. Let the terrorists starve and the good, reasonable people flee.

No support for terrorism.

No support for States sponsoring terrorism.

And no support for Palestine until they grow up and become a real Nation, accountable to the community of Nations and they make Peace with their neighbors.