Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Spell is Broken

Once the spell of government power is broken it is quite hard to mend.

Think Sun Tzu. "Kill one, scare ten thousand". What happens when the 10,000 don't scare? What happens when they just get mad?

This is what happens.

Iran is shaking. Very hard.

Other slogans stating about a dangerous level of the popular exasperation, such as, "Bush, Bush, kush? Kush?" (Bush, Bush, Were's He? Were's He?) were also shouted along with some unprecedented public attacks against EU members, such as, France and Germany.

Pictures of regime's leaders and Islamist books, even at some occasion, Mandatory veils and copies of the Koran along with some EU symbols, such as, French and German flags were thrown into fire by some protesters. France and Germany are the closet collaborators of the illegitimate regime in Iran.

In some areas, like in the center of Mahabad and Sannandaj, overwhelmed official forces had to pull back at several occasions while some streets' initiative felt into residents hands. The regime forces were deployed massively around strategic buildings and facilities, such as, the Governmental TV and Radio by fear of a popular take over.
Scenes like this usually fortell the end of a regime.

Interesting how the opressed are calling for Bush and the opressors are joined telling him to stay away. France and Germany are not the upholders of moral standards in a fallen world. They are supporters of tyrants.

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Anonymous said...

Please God let Iran become Persia. Even if Persia hates our guts, we can talk with them, we can deal with them. Save us from Persians who ape an Araby that Arabs desipse.