Friday, March 04, 2005

Marijuana Kills Four Mounties

The news is bad from Canada. Marijuana which according to the The Province is said by Canadian hippies to be harmless fun has killed four RCMPs. The worst catastrophe of this magnitude since 1885.

Canada's illegal marijuana industry is too often portrayed in the popular imagination as a benign cottage industry run by a bunch of benevolent hippies.
Well evidently the hippies were not running this grow op.

And of course what is required is to start taking marijuana "seriously". Another paper goes on to state:
The deaths may be what it finally takes to get the Canadian public to take the dangers of marijuana grow operations seriously, said a Calgary police officer.

''There is some apathy out there, and unfortunately maybe it takes incidents like this to wake people up,'' said Staff Sgt. Birnie Smith of the Southern Alberta Marijuana Investigative Team.

''It's a danger to everyone.''
Yep them drugs is dangerous all right. They can kill. For sure.The Provincegoes on to say:
The lenient court sentences handed out by our province's liberal judges reflect that fact. They tend to amount to little more than an inconvenience to hardened traffickers, who treat them as a minor cost of doing business.

But the fact is drug-trafficking is a lethal, organized, criminal enterprise that corrupts the young and spreads like a noxious weed through law-abiding communities, slowly poisoning and strangling them.

And it's run by thugs, gang members and other desperate, armed losers who too often are prepared to shoot first and ask questions afterward.

That much is evident from the tragic slaying of four Mounties yesterday during a police raid on a grow-op at a farmhouse northwest of Edmonton.
The drugs did it, the drugs did it, the drugs did it, the drugs did it, the drugs did it, the drugs did it, the drugs did it. Yadda yadda.

Now you have to wonder why some 80 years ago in America scenes like this were regularly played out over beer and alcohol? What could the connection be? Could it be that it is not the drugs but prohibition that is dangerous?

What are the odds that any one in authority will ever come to that conclusion?


Anonymous said...

Colby Cosh has been blogging about this. The shooter was a violent career criminal who probably wouldn't have bothered with a grow-op if illegality hadn't pushed up the price. He also had a stolen-car chop shop at the same location, sexual assault on his arrest record, and a bad reputation in the neighborhood..

Will Hoffman said...

It's funny how ever instance of marijuana being evil or bad is because of the fact that it's illgegal. It's the governments fault that four mounties were killed, if it were legal people wouldn't fight over it.