Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Drug War Revealed

A new blog about the drug war opened up 21 March. It is called Drug War Revealed.

It is written by my friend nephalim.

I will probably be doing guest blogging there from time to time. Links and stuff will be posted here when that happens.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks alot, Simon. Much appreciated. I hope to set up a blog roll tonight, and RDF feeds. Two big ones.

I am trying to convince M. Simon to join with me, as my goal is a united drug reform community. I even offered him his own page, linked to from the front, which he can do whatever he wants with (as long as he leaves the right sidebar alone, which links the rest of the site), and his own subdomain (better than blogger.com, no?)

It would be nice to have a real conservative voice at my site.

But, in the end, it's up to him. There are personal issues to consider.

I am just posting this here in case anyone has any objections or is highly in favor, they can let him know.

Take care, and thanks again. Hope to hear from everyone over there!