Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Is Getting Serious

From the fine blog Dispatches from The Camp Of The Saints.... Whose author, Robert Belvedere, claims to be a:
[DHS-Certified Rightwing Extremist / White House Certified 'Fishy' / Carter-Certified Raaaaacist!]. In other words an all around good guy you should visit.

H/T R. Dave via e-mail

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Bob Belvedere said...

Thank your for the kind words and the link, and for introdcuing me to your site. While I haven't had a chance to read deeply into it yet, my glancing at it shows me that you, too, are 'an all around good guy'. If you have no objections, I will be adding you to my version of the bloggroll, FELLOW DHS-CERTIFIED RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS.