Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Started A New Blog

Because of this.

You can find it at Simon Politico


linearthinker said...

Couldn't resist this comment from Patterico's thread:

I’m going to start a website called PoliticHo and see if they come after me, too.

Comment by MayBee — 9/15/2009 @ 6:45 pm

linearthinker said...

Is a party planned to celebrate the launch of your new blog? Free food? Booze? Wimmen?

M. Simon said...

I met a rather cute woman (even my mate liked her) at a "Hot Tuna" gig here in town. We got along great after the show (she was sitting with us) and she was especially excited when she found out about my fusion work.

I assume she looked me up on the 'net and didn't like my politics because she has pretty much avoided communications after the first couple of e-mails.

So no wimmen.

Food? Macaroni and cheese.

Booze? You can drink all you can bring. Unless you want to share.

linearthinker said...


The party will have music then?

Hot Tuna

M. Simon said...

Embryonic Journey