Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Proof - The Government Is Lying About DRUGS

Drugs fill receptors.
Pain empties receptors. PTSD empties receptors.
Filling empty receptors makes you feel good.
Empty receptors create a desire for drugs.
Drugs can not create a desire for drugs.

Currently, if obvious pain inducers (a wound, xray images of damage, history of a wound) causes your pain you can be prescribed drugs for the duratoion of your pain as long as the pain does not last too long. If your pain lasts too long you might be an addict, and for addicts pain relief is not allowed. Because sometimes the pain never ends and using drugs for never ening pain is bad. You could be an addict. And addicts are bad because addiction is bad. Drugs, don't you know? There is nothing wrong with doing bad things to bad people. Denying them pain relief say. Or putting them in jail if they disregard the limits (zero) on their pain relief.

If your pain comes from PTSD drugs are not allowed. You might be faking it and just using the drugs for a good time. But drugs are only a good time if your receptors are empty. If your receptors are full they have no effect other than physiological (breathing, digestion, etc.). And if your receptors are empty you are in pain. Because they are the same receptors.

So not only is it impossible for drugs to cause addiction, there are no such things as recreational drug users. The 'recreation' is pain relief.

The topper for all this? Alcohol is a drug used for pain in America without remark. We gave up persecuting alcohol addicts over 90 years ago. But we make no effort to switch them to safer drugs. We don't want no more stinkin drug addicts, do we?

My prescription? Stop making criminals out of people in pain.

Update: 14 April 2024 1043z

Evidently we already have more stinkin drug addicts than originally imagined. Alcohol consumption releases endorphins.


Dennis Peron once said something to the effect of "All use is medical use." - Looks like it, doesn't it?

Better Proof - The Government Is Lying About DRUGS

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