Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Prohibition - The Movie

From a review of the book the movie is based on:
Okrent identifies five dry constituencies that formed a very unlikely coalition for the purposes of banning booze. Racists, progressives, populists, suffragists, and nativists linked hands across party and regional lines to agree on this one issue alone. Southern Democrats who used the spectacle of drunken black people to stoke racial hatred, Northern Republican anti-racists who saw a rational world beyond the alcoholic fog of the 19th century, small-town and farm Democrats wanting to free their communities from a scourge that led to debt and broken homes, women of all parties and regions all too aware that families' livelihoods could be poured into bartenders' tills, and ugly white folks from everywhere who loathed Catholic and Jewish cultures where alcohol was central: they could agree on very little, but they all disapproved of drink. The one common denominator among the temperance crowd was that they tended to be evangelical Protestants, that great majority of c1900 Americans that was hopelessly split on so many other political issues.
Any one see any parallels to Drug Prohibition?

Here is the PBS announcement of the schedule for the airing of the full version. Here is a short version of the announcement:
Premieres October 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2011
at 8 PM on PBS

Thanks to my friend Jerry Epstein of Drug Policy Forum Of Texas for the heads up.

The Drug War:

1. Is unconstitutional

2. Abuses abused children

3. Is racist

4. Is UnChristian

I think if the Democrats push this they have a chance in the next election. And yes Obama is beatable. I’m working to give him a better chance. Or the Republicans can start working to repeal Prohibition. Choice. It is a wonderful thing.

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