Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Alaskan Hick Bitch

It seems like I have a commenter who doesn't like hick bitches. Especially if they are from Alaska.

I would personally like to thank the commenter for driving the bitch vote, the hick vote, and the hick bitch vote to MCain/Palin. I'm sure they will welcome with open arms all the votes ∅ doesn't need.

Thank you from a supporter of the McCain/Palin Team. And please keep it up.

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Anonymous said...

How's it feel to support a woman who promotes teaching creationism alongside evolution in the science classroom? I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised since you yourself are a card-carrying member of the pseudoscientic elite. Say, when is that Polywell report due again?

Oh yeah, in 6-9 months...as usual...

Anonymous said...

What a great gig for Msimon's Alaskan Hick Bitch (AHB) -- charging the taxpayers for time spent at home!

Now, if only the AHB would subsidize your great intellectual efforts on Polywell...think of the possibilities!