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Hanging By A Thread

The current "truce" in Gaza is hanging by a thread.

05:33 Feb 01, '07

( a Hamas spokesman escaped an assassination attack in Gaza Wednesday night as the shaky truce between the Hamas and Fatah militias entered its third day. Hamas charged Fatah with carrying out the murder attempt on Fawzi Barhoum, and Fatah denied the accusation.
I wonder if the Hamas folks will get mad enough to restart the fight? In any case it appears that some residents of Gaza have had enough.
Hundreds of Palestinian residents in Gaza city took part today in an anti-infighting protest, in which they called for ending all forms of internal violence.

The demonstration has been called on by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Supporters Society, to voice condemnation of factional infighting and call for a national unity.

Jamal Ferwana, head of the society, told reporters “the demonstration today is intended at rejecting infighting and calling on all factions to return to dialogue on basis of the Palestinian prisoners’ conciliation document”.

Ferwana expressed resentment over recent factional infighting over the past five days that has claimed dozens of lives and wounded scores others.

He called on the Palestinian people to take out to streets to reject such infighting and emphasize on the fact that dialogue is the only means to conclude a national unity government.
Interesting that they think a "national unity" government will fix their situation. Some people might disagree.
Washington - The United States does not expect a change in the position of the Quartet toward Hamas, a senior State Department official said yesterday in light of reports of a Russian intention to raise current policy for debate in the Quartet meeting in Washington tomorrow.

A source in the State Department says there is consensus between the U.S. and the Europeans on policy.

The Americans say events of the past week in Gaza have only proved to the Palestinians that the Hamas government cannot provide them with the security they need. "Hamas is trying to shake off responsibility and give it to the international community," a source in the State Department said, "but it's their responsibility."

The American noted that in Gaza, where Hamas' control is ostensibly stronger [than in the West Bank], Hamas is unable "to deliver the Palestinians what they expect."
What we have is two rival gangs shooting it out for control of turf. National unity would require Hamas to give ground in Gaza and Fatah to give ground in the West Bank. I do not expect it to happen. Why?

There is no honor among thieves and the thieves know it.

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