Sunday, February 04, 2007

Duke Fever

It looks like Angry Studies are alive and well at Guilford College. They have gotten Duke Fever (a desire to persecute the innocent in the name of some cause).

As evidence in the case is coming out, it tends to support the idea that the Palestinians have turned an assault by them into an attack on them. I wonder if this is common to the Palestinian narrative?

Not to worry, the students are behind the Palestinians all the way. You seeGuilford College a Quaker School is loosely affiliated with Quakers’ Friends School in Ramallah. And, there are demos.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- A group of UNC-Chapel Hill students held a solidarity vigil to support three Palestinian students involved in a campus brawl that happened January 20th at Guilford College. Six of the school's football players were charged with assault.

The UNC-Chapel Hill student group is called “Solidarity with Palestine through Education and Action at Carolina” and the student organization formed just one week after the Palestinian students onGuilford college's campus say they were attacked. Freshman international studies student Haley Koch helped organize Friday's rally at The Pitt at UNC.

"No other universities have come out and supported these students and this has been a very difficult time for them and so we want to express that support to them," explained Koch.
Probably a good thing too as the charges are not holding up well even when all we have to go on is semi-corroborated rumor and barely supported speculation.
They're also encouraging other UNC students to get involved by signing a petition. The petition is asking Guilford College to fully investigate and recognize the incident as a hate crime. It’s also calling for changes to the college’s Code of Conduct.
Even if it was the Palestinians doing the hating? Some how I doubt it.

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AMac said...

So Guilford College's students are belatedly inspired by those other paragons of progressive thought, the Bourbon Monarchy.

"They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing."

Perhaps there is some way that Angry Studies could be restructured to cover the concept of Irony.

Susan's Husband said...

I also like how the petition wants the incident acknowledged as a hate crime while it is being investigated, not afterwards based on evidence.

Anonymous said...

actually the petition wants the incident to be acknowledged as a hate crime after the incident is fully investigated and if the details are verified. the main thrust of the petition is to get guilford to include a provision in its code of conduct about racial/ethnic discrimination and hate crimes (which unc has but guilford does not) so if any incidents occur later or it turns out this case was a hate crime, they have a provision in their code of conduct to base judicial proceedings off of.
nice to know you can jump to conclusions without knowing the actual text of the petition.

M. Simon said...

Well anon. What about false accusations of hate crime?

Does the petition deal with how those are to be handled?

BTW I am not at all behind the idea of hate crime. I do not think the motivation for animosity deserves any special recognition.

Animosity should only be a factor in determinig intent. Was it an accident or intentional?

M. Simon said...


All I have to go by is this sentence:

The petition is asking Guilford College to fully investigate and recognize the incident as a hate crime.

Investigate and recognize.

It would seem to me if what you say is true then the proper phrasing ought to be "investigage and then prosecute as a hate crime if it is found to be a hate crime."

I also note the ACLU dropped the case and the Jewish ADL has gone silent.

It looks like the Palestinians have made false charges of racism to deflect from their own culpability.

Does the petition deal with that?