Thursday, July 13, 2006


I watched NBC news for the first time in a long time to catch the latest on Israel. The commentary at the end of segment went something like this: "Israel left Lebanon 6 years ago. They left Gaza a year ago. Why can't they leave Israel alone?" Which goes back to my previous points about Sharon. He has created a situation where even a weak leader can take strong measures.

I do not think he would get serious complaints if he toppled Boy Assad.

Here was my estimation of the situation a year ago: The Sharon Plan 2005. And in July this year: The Sharon Plan one year later. In the Middle East wars are fought by Middle East Rules.

Update: 1137z 13 July '06 Let me add that I believe Sharon will go down as one of the greatest generals of all time because of his very last war. He figured out how to defeat a guerilla campaign in the internet age. He figured out how to win without needing to be there for the final battle of the war. He understood the political and information aspects of the battle. He understood that most of all you have to have a simple good story to tell. The Gaza withdrawal was a preping of the battle field. Looks like NBC got the story. If we are lucky and very good 50 years of peace may follow.

BTW "hasbara" is Hebrew for public relations.

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Daryl Herbert said...

That is exactly why I (a right-wing Republican warmonger and hardcore supporter of Israel) backed Sharon in his decision to withdraw, even when some accused Sharon of going soft.

I didn't expect it to be so effective, but I was sure the alternative was worse.