Thursday, March 30, 2006

The German View of America

Chicago Boyz has an interesting post on the German view of America. Here is an excerpt:

It was not the goal of this book to discuss whether America can win the war, or whether it must lose it. But perhaps it has become clear —and that was my goal — that America does not deserve to win the war and spread its system over the entire world. There is nothing in the American system worth imitating, either for Germany or Europe. If Americanism conquered the world, it would mean the end of all human values and of genuine freedom — the freedom to do something, not from something! — of all the values for which Europe has fought and suffered for millennia, for which it has given all its strength of body and soul.

No European could exchange places with an American. America is a pitiable country and the Americans are a betrayed people, betrayed by their leaders...
Click on the link if you want to learn the punchline.

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Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 31 06

Well M. Simon:
Let's see how they function without American goods in their markets. Then we will see who is materially oriented and WHY that actually matters! Ha! Interesting links!