Friday, March 24, 2006

The American Character

Michael Young in a Reason article describes how the Iraq project has failed. However, he also provides evidence which he is unaware of on why the project may in fact be succeeding. It all has to do with the American character.

Churchill once said that "Americans always do the right thing after they have tried everything else". Nothing has changed in the American character in the intervening decades.

It is a weakness and a strength. Why strength? Because eventually the right policy will be found. What is required is time.

The Brits BTW have a name for this managing style - they call it muddling through. We Americans put it in a fancy dress and call it adapting to circumstances.


Hoots said...

Dr. Leon Hadar and others would agree with you.

M. Simon said...

Dr. Hadar does not see it as a virtue.

Surprising coming from a free market guy. Why? Because free market guys know perfect information is impossible and in fact the situation is worse when you have active opposition.

I also get a wiff of Libertarian hysteria from Dr. Hadar. My guess is that he fears a Bush success more than he does a Bush failure. Why? Because it will lead to more military adventurism.