Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Iran in Free Fall

The voters in Iran did not go to the polls. Estimates are that voter turnout was around 10% nationwide.

Of course the regime says the election was not rigged.

Other folks say they have gotten a message - vote or else.

The real story is that the Powers that Be in Iran are fighting among themselves.

Michael Ledeen chimes in. He runs down the election as a farce.

Hoder thinks there is a power vacuum. He is also trying to get out of the country before the next run off vote.

The situation is unstable for sure. Let us hope the people of Iran can take advantage of the regime disarray.

Stephania from Cagliari,Sardinia (Italy) has some thoughts.

And of course Instapundit with the link that got this thread started. And the Instalink that started the Instalanche.

Cox and Forkum have their usual outstanding cartoon a link to this piece and a number of links not found here.

Tales of Tadeusz Has some thoughts on Iran and my views on drug prohibition.


Ron Wright said...

IRAN - A Real Chance for the World's FFirst Digital Revolution!

See this piece re the Iranian election and how you can help the Iranian people in perhaps the world's first digital revolution.


To all in the Blogos:

Here's a chance where the Blogos can lead the MSM with a story the American people need to hear that the MSM can't or won't report.

Now is the time to put it on the line like our fellow bloggers who literally risk life and limb in these repressive regimes. You have the power at your finger tips to make this happen. If we all work together we can do this.

See this piece I just sent to the WSJ re it's OP-ED piece on Iraq today.

Let's avalanche other news media and demand they report these stories we all know about but unfortunately the American people have been left in the dark by the MSM.

As I say a free press' first responsbility is to ask the tough questions and hold our government accountable and to objectively educate and inform the American people. The MSM is too preoccupied with their liberal vendetta against the Bush administration over the 2000 election to notice or if they do they see this move by Bush as imperialistic/colonial occupation of the ME to report these stories. They are not grounded in reality. The American people are smarter than this as witnessed in the last election.


WSJ Online submission:

Read Here

Anonymous said...

Tales of Tadeusz links to this at http://talesoftadeusz.blogspot.com.

I wonder about some Iranians who support freedom, but do not seem to want to support US intervention.

Thats the perception I got from Hoder, and from the Regime Change Iran website.

I would probably put up a RGI button on my site, but I'm of the opinion that outside intervention is not illegitamate by nature.

Anonymous said...

Hoder is against U.S. interference at all and is generally pretty distrustful of Bush. As far as I can tell, he supports change within the Iranian system.

Gary at Regime Change Iran definitely thinks the U.S. should give support to Iranians inside Iran to overthrow their government. But I agree with him that the U.S. should not attack Iran directly. Iranians are very nationalist and would rally around a government they hate if they're being attacked. In the meantime, more subversive efforts will have to do.

EddieP said...

The Iranians welcome US support, they just don't want US military intervention. Sounds good to me.

M. Simon said...

I wonder if some type of decapitation strike might not be both in order and acceptable.

OTOH the regime is getting rocked in the same way it was rocked before the departure of the Shah so perhaps moral support and clandestine introduction of weapons is all that is required.

M. Simon said...

Tales of Tadeusz direct link.

dad said...

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