Saturday, June 18, 2005

Durbin is Called Dick

That is correct. Dick is Senator Durbin's first name. Mr. Durbin, Dick to you, has insulted our Gitmo troops and emboldened our enemies by comparing the Gitmo guards to Nazis, the masters of the Gulag, or the minions of Pol Pot. Take your choice.

Now surprisingly enough my other Senator form Illinois, Barack Obama, has come out in support of the war and the treatment the prisoners are getting at Gitmo.

Well all America is howling about Gitmo. If you read the what the lefties have to say about Obama they are mad about Obama's support for Gitmo, the war, and our troops.

On the right the howls are equally loud about Senator Dick Durbin.

It looks like Minority Whip Dick Durbin is about to get whipped. Glenn Reynolds has a round up of blogs calling Senator Dick Durbin to task. Roger Simon. points out that a group of GOP freshman Senators who have called in the past for more civility in the Senate are calling for Senator Dick Durbin to apologize for his remarks.

In my opinion it is the least he could do.

Update: Sat. 08:24z 18 June 2005

The Dick Durbin official Senate www site should you wish to contact Senator Dick Durbin.

Update: Sat. 10:08z 18 June 2005

Bill Roggio posting at Winds of Change has some advice for Democrats.

Update: Sun. 01:46z 19 June 2005

You can e-mail Dick Durbin

Hat tip:Michelle Malkin

Update: Sun. 01:51z 19 June 2005

Dump Dick Durbin is trying to give Dick Durbin the push he needs. Over the cliff.

Update: Sun. 02:08z 19 June 2005

Just in time to help Dick Durbin: A petition for Dick Durbin's resignation.

Update: Sun. 19:58z 19 June 2005

Black Five has a few choice words for Dick Durbin.

Update: Sun. 21:16z 19 June 2005

Chicago knows how to get confessions. Torture. The real thing. Has Mayor Daley heard about this?


Doug said...

Who is this Dick, Dirtbin?

Anonymous said...

A Northwestern Illinois Methodist minister served as a chaplain at Gitmo. I got an email from him yesterday that I posted at Kankakee Kindling, a liberal blog.

You might find what he has to say, as well as his rely to the blog operator's criticism.

If I could figure out how to paste it in, I would.

M. Simon said...


You can do it like this:

Or like this:

Kankakee Kindling

HTML cheats is a good place to figure out how to make it look like the second example.

BTW what thread did you post in?

I found it:

A Methodist Minister Speaks


I'd like put the letter up on my front page. Could you send me an e-mail with the text and permission?

Drop me a line