Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Split

Around 1930 or so the Progressive movement split into left and right factions. And they HATE each other. And their end is the same: Power and Control. Pretty cool huh?

BTW Left and Right Progressives brought you alcohol prohibition. Billy Sunday ring a bell?

I found the reviews of this book interesting:

A Fierce Discontent: The Rise and Fall of the Progressive Movement in America, 1870-1920

One reviewer said that the object of the Progressives was:

To change other people; to end class conflict; to control big business; to segregate society
Interesting. So where are we today? Segregation is a totally discredited idea. Good. I'm rather proud to say that I was in on that one.

But we are still engaged in class conflict. That sucks. And big business has taken over government. Here is a prime example. In other words the oligarchs (often called crony capitalists these days) are in control. For now.

But what is the big thing on the right these days? An unquenchable desire to change other people. For some the desire for Power and Control never ends. In modern times it is not sold as a naked power grab. It is couched in "enforcing morality" terms. My friend Eric wrote a very good one on that subject. Does freedom to sin violate religious freedom? Of course that "enforcing morality" bit got us the Alcohol Prohibition Amendment back when left and right progressives were working together hand in glove. Well that one was a total disaster. The left has learned from its mistake. Those on the right are a little slower to catch on.

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Neil said...

The left-progressives learned their lesson? What about tobacco, salt, fat, furs, SUV's, energy, any number of other things. Heck, even profit.

All stuff they want to see controlled.