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They Will Kill Gays Won't They

My evangelical friends have been at it again. Some of these Biblical Christians have gotten involved in the internal affairs of Uganda. This report is from Jan. 2010.

KAMPALA, Uganda — Last March, three American evangelical Christians, whose teachings about “curing” homosexuals have been widely discredited in the United States, arrived here in Uganda’s capital to give a series of talks.

The theme of the event, according to Stephen Langa, its Ugandan organizer, was “the gay agenda — that whole hidden and dark agenda” — and the threat homosexuals posed to Bible-based values and the traditional African family.

For three days, according to participants and audio recordings, thousands of Ugandans, including police officers, teachers and national politicians, listened raptly to the Americans, who were presented as experts on homosexuality. The visitors discussed how to make gay people straight, how gay men often sodomized teenage boys and how “the gay movement is an evil institution” whose goal is “to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.”

Now the three Americans are finding themselves on the defensive, saying they had no intention of helping stoke the kind of anger that could lead to what came next: a bill to impose a death sentence for homosexual behavior.
It took 400 years of anti-Jew agitation before Germans opened the death camps for Jews and other undesirables. These Christians were able to accomplish their result in two years. They are really good. At evil.

Can we say the end result of their Evangalism have been unfortunate for gay Ugandas? Yes we can.
The Ugandan cabinet member who introduced a bill last year that would see gays executed in some circumstances says the bill will become law.

David Bahati, Uganda's minister for ethics, told CNN he believes the bill will become law "soon."

"We are very confident," he said, "because this is a piece of legislation that is needed in this country to protect the traditional family here in Africa, and also protect the future of our children."

Bahati and his boss, Ugandan President Yoweri Kugata Museveni, are reportedly members of the American Christian group The Fellowship, also known as The Family.
I guess Hitler's Pink Triangles did not give them their fill. May God have mercy on the gays who are killed. And none on the Evangelicals who got this ball rolling.

You have to wonder why so many who think they are doing God's work end up doing the work of the Devil?

May I suggest that the folks who got this pogrom started offer to die in place of the gays. And every single person who donated to these fools ought to offer themselves up in place of the homosexuals who will get sentenced. In order to atone for their sins.

And some people wonder why I'm not a big fan of Christians in general and Evangelicals in particular. Let me add that the Fellowship bills itself as the World's Largest Bible Study site on the internet. They should have plenty of bodies to offer in the name of Jesus in order to save their gay brothers.

And always it is with the "not what we intended" crap. If you preach hate what the Hell else do you expect Mother Fuckers?

There is a book about The Family:

The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

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