Thursday, November 18, 2010

Abortion Prohibition Enforcement

Warning. The above video is quite disturbing. I couldn't watch it all. Let me add that the link to the video was sent to me by Eric my blog master at Classical Values.

Here is a question for all my "the government must do something about abortion" friends: How do you prevent abortion enforcement from looking like what you saw in that video? And don't forget the above enforcement action was based on a a mistake by the police. And in the end the woman involved was only charged with a misdemeanor.

Do you think the vagina police won't make mistakes about something as serious as abortion? You hate the thought of your wives and daughters being groped by the TSA. How are you going to feel about them being molested by the vagina police?

You want to trust your mate's or daughter's vagina to the government?

Are you insane?

OK. You only want to shut down abortion clinics. What will you do about menstrual extraction parties? The black market in RU-486? The use of birth control pills to induce abortion?

And all this for a crime that most of those who even think of it as a crime put in the category of misdemeanor manslaughter and the woman goes free. Is that worth making the government bigger? And you know if government gets a hold of the project it is guaranteed to fail. Why? Because jobs will depend on failure. And of course there will be corruption. How else can police be paid what they think they are really worth? Not all of them. Not even most of them. But enough. Always enough.

And what happens when failure breeds calls for weekly urine testing of women? After all we have the Drug War Precedent. And that is without probable cause. How much easier will it be to gin up probable cause for pregnancy? A flush of the cheeks. A swelling of the belly. A happy mood. Wide mood swings. Symptoms of nausea. And how about minders? More properly call snitches or confidential informants and better know in totalitarian countries as secret police adjuncts. Is that the kind of country you want?

Better to leave the whole question in private hands. Which is why I support Rockford Pro Life. A group that wants to keep government out of the abortion question. I met them at a TEA Party rally.

And then we have the Jewish position on abortion. Which is rather different from the Catholic position on abortion. Which religion is to prevail? And how about those with no religion? Do they get a say? Can they opt out? Or will this be another one size fits all government policy?

The Jewish Position On Abortion

The Jews And Partial Birth Abortion

What Is A Fetus Worth?

Do you really want to get your religious position enacted into law? Trying to start a religious war my friends?

And how will investigating every "life of the mother" abortion work out? Some one is going to have to look at every therapeutic abortion for evidence of a crime. And what if a doctor is mistaken? Will he be brought up on charges the way doctors who make honest mistakes in prescribing pain medications are today? And guess what. That is a Drug War Exception to the practice of medicine.

What about the Democrat plan to destroy the TEA Party movement over the abortion question? You can find out about that here:

Axelrod Has A Plan

and here:

Splitting The Coalition

I see no faster way to kill the TEA Parties and give the Democrats an opening to finish their Socialism for the USA project. And you know what? I'd help them.

No idle threat my friends. Because I have done it before:

Obama/Keyes vs Kerry/Bush

I have written extensively on the politics of abortion. Here are a few of my posts:

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Think long and hard my social conservative friends before you go down this road because if it works anything like Drug Prohibition or Alcohol Prohibition it will not turn out well. Not well at all.

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