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July 4th 009 Bikini Edition

This year I am doing something a little different. Instead of links to pictures there will be actual pictures. If the bikini you are looking at is for sale you can click on the picture to get details.

Now there is a lady with some very nice stars on her celestial hemispheres.

American Classic
Here is an American Classic. The Stars and Stripes. Sex. And Rock 'n Roll. The only thing left out is your intoxicant of choice.

American Pride
This bikini is called American Pride. If this lady was my mate I'd be having not only pride in America but also a pride of Americans. Unfortunately for those of you interested in this bikini it only comes in two sizes. Too small and much too small. Which I'd say is just about right.

American Spirit
This is called American Spirit. And who wouldn't like to go sailing with this spirited young lady. Boating Rocks. Rocking the boat with some spirited exercise is not bad either.

Now here is a lady I can really get behind. She shows leadership by leading with her best assets forward deployed. And the assets bringing up the rear are pretty good too.

This looks like a case of Americana breaking out all over. I do believe I'll have a case of that myself. Maybe two cases.

Less Is More
Now this is definitely a case of less is more. If you know a lady who has trouble keeping track of her clothes this is a perfect gift. She will only have half as many clothes to track and if you are interested in ladies you will definitely have at least twice as much to track. In the American style it is a win-win for all concerned.

For those of you interested in the male persuasion I think you will find that this suit comes with a very nice package. The guy in the suit seems nice too.

Red Trim
Here is a suit with all the trimmings - in red.

This suit has a lot to recommend it. Especially considering how little of it there is.

Seeing Stars
Ladies. I guarantee that most men watching this bikini will be seeing stars. Unless they are distracted by the stripes.

This suit is designed so that there are a number of different ways to wear it. Including on and off.

More Stripes
Here is a similar style suit with more emphasis on the stripes.

This bikini sure looks like one I have seen before. The smile in it is different though.

Little Number
I just hate when they take pictures where you can see so little of the suit. How could you decide if you like it or not if you can't see it? My apologies.

This one is sure interesting. The top and bottom are mirror images of each other. Sort of.

I never tire of bikinis but sorting out all the html to get the images up is hard work (yeah, right). So until next year. In the mean time a few thoughts. Can you even imagine the boys of 1776 fighting and dying so that our American women can show themselves off to such advantage? If only they had known, the Brits (my apologies) might have gotten whipped in half the time.

And for those of you who never get enough (bikinis) may I suggest a few books that will further your research?

Sexy Bikini Girls 1: Vol. 1

Bunny Yeager's Bikini Girls of the 1950s - Illustrated

Bikini Girl Postcards by Bunny Yeager: Shore Wish You Were Here!

For those who still may need a calendar, not exactly an American Flag motif. But still.
The young lady in the picture sure has some great guns. The rifle she is holding looks pretty interesting too.

May your Fourth be exciting. And enjoy the fireworks where ever you see them or make them.

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