Friday, July 04, 2008

July 4th 008 Bikini Edition

Let me tell all you fans out there that I have the best mate in the world. Every day she has been bugging me about the traditional July 4th Patriotic and Exceptional Bikini Edition. "Where are the pictures, let me see the pictures" she says. I did give her a sneak preview. And now. For those who have been waiting. Bikinis. For women and men.

An All American girl. Sturdy young lady. Nice outfit. Nice smile. Well armed. Very pretty picture. And don't forget the freedom lover in the background. A brewski in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I love America. And you know how sometimes when suits get wet they need adjusting? I hate it when that happens. Except in this case. Fortunately we have pictures of how the discomfort can be relieved.

Here are some ladies in swim suits so tight that they look painted on. I love ladies in tight swim suits.

Here is a woman with stars in her eyes. And a couple of other places.

Here is a site that advertises,"your favorite sizes". I'll say. 36, 38, and 40. C, D, and double D. The suits aren't bad either.

This image is for sale. You get it free here.

Here is a whole page of American Flag bikinis. With some very nice ladies in them. Some of my favorites:

A lady in long sleeves and an exposed flank. A dangerous position to be in with an army in the field.

Here is a lady with wind blown hair with stars on the top and stripes on the bottom.

This lady appears to be holding up a lifeguard tower at the beach. How her bathing suit holds her up is a miracle of modern engineering.

Here is a gentleman who is proud to be an American. From the photo it appears he has a lot to be proud of.

A model with strings attached.

And here we have a topless model. Nice suit.

Here is something you don't find often. A Mercedes in an American Flag. God Bless America.

Miracles of modern technology.

Many people say that America is a star obsessed culture. It is not difficult to see why.

Real American women dress like this.

Bad news. This is not a bikini. It is a most interesting design for a flag. Plus it has the opening of the Declaration of Independence. Just in case you forgot why we are here.

Like to do Photoshop tricks with photos? This one is ready made.

Here is a truly amazing bikini from the minimalist school. It is a stick on bikini. With stars. Well the colors are not exactly 4th of July. For this amazing bikini and the young lady in (out of) it, I'll make an exception. At least you can see stars. Two of them to be exact. Here is another similar stick on bikini with stars. Different model. After careful inspection it is obvious this lady does not wear this type of suit all the time. Have a close look and tell me what you think. For a more thorough inspection here is a side view of the same model. See if you can find the swim suit in the picture.

This is called a halter. It doesn't look like it would halt anything. More likely to get them going.

Texas Bikini Team. Odds are what ever they are playing they are going to come in first.

Here is my favorite from the 2006 edition. This lady is totally nude. Totally. She is sitting on the edge of a lake. She is sitting on an American Flag motif float. If you would like to check out the past editions here is the one from 2006 and the one from 2007. I don't guarantee that all the links are good but the ones that work are very good indeed.

As in every parade some one has to bring up the rear. I can't think of a nicer way to do it. Except maybe this way.

Update: For those into more serious study may I suggest The Bikini Book.


Larry Sheldon said...

The "adjusting" link is "private".


M. Simon said...

It worked when I posted it. I should have saved a copy. Darn!

Larry Sheldon said...

Webshots seems to have shut the door too.

Thqt is a shame.

Nice work.

heh. captcha "brabitt"

Anonymous said...

Bikinis worn by Hollywood stars are really eye-catching. I am an avid fan of Halle Berry and have liked the sexy bikini flaunted by the dare-bare girl on “Die Another Day”