Saturday, September 06, 2008

She Is A Mother

She Is A Mother

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rumcrook said...

over on LGF I saw that the media had another hit piece this one about her shooting a caribou and derisively talking about her posing with her daughter next to the"bloody dead caribou" thier is a theme here. im going to repost what I said about it here because it bears witness to the core difference between the original breed/mindset of americana that said it was tough, proud and understood what it took to run a family or a nation based on reality, liberalism which wants to ignore real problems IE islamofascism and focus on immaginary ones global warming one which is actively bent on destroying us now and another that true or not is not in our lifetime going to be responsible for puting our family in danger

liberals are the ultimate hypocrites.

I would lay odds the writer of this eats meat.

back in the day when I was in college I had an art teacher who told the class we could miss three days without hurting our grade, well... that was great I told him because opening day of deer season was the following monday so I wouldndt be there.

he flipped out accused me of all kinds of things and phsycological problems then rounded it off with asking why I dont just go buy my meat, does it make me feel like more of a man to kill it.

I told him that I wasnt a hypocrite like himself, who wanted to buy his meat non discript sitting on a hygenic tampon in a styrofoam tray so he could pretend it didnt come from a previously living breathing thing.

I knew where my meals came from and understood and apreciated the realities of life and didnt hide from them.

which about sums up liberalism they are hypocrites who hide from the realities of life and get angry with good people who are willing to face them head on.

M. Simon said...

I did my time on the killing floor of a packing house.

If I had my druthers no one should be allowed to eat meat with out at least a tour of a packing plant or time on a hunt.

But we live in a free country. Thank the Maker.

M. Simon said...

As to your main point. Yes.

Liberalism is about talking the talk without at least trying to walk the walk.

chrisrucks said...


If I am all over the place you can kick my ars.

Would like to make sure it pops up here before I ask to pull if off the other place.

M. Simon said...

The question is not the qualities of an experienced President.

The question is do we want a president who sought out Marxist professors.

rumcrook said...

well if thats the question then my personal answer is a resounding no.

the problem is this is not the question being asked of the millions of americans that will make the choice. in fact they dont believe it. they will make the choice either way, on other questions. I have been asked by family why I didnt at least listen to obamas speach and have an open mind, I said I do have an open mind, I am willing to listen to new politicians, but Øbama isnt a new politician he's of a very old stripe called socialists I know what socialists want, ive studied thier beliefs and I dont want them in power. they think im exagerating