Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palestinians Will Be Forced To Take A Shower

It is true. The latest Israeli crowd control weapon will force Palestinians to take a shower.

Israeli police say the new crowd-control method, which they call a "skunk bomb," was used for the first time Friday in the village of Naalin. Palestinians have been holding almost daily protests against a security barrier that Israel is building in the area.

Israeli police say a water-spraying device showered the liquid on the demonstrators, forcing most to rush off to change their clothes.
Clearly inhuman and a violation of all the Palestinians hold sacred.
According to the Jerusalem Post, "some demonstrators described the smell as similar to that of sewage, adding that it was hard to get rid of, even after a shower."
I predict this will reduce attendance at demonstrations. Death would be kinder and be more useful for propaganda purposes. After all, what reporter would want to interview a demonstrator smelling like a sewer?

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