Sunday, September 28, 2008

Macsmind Hacked - Obama Plans To Disarm America

Gateway Pundit has the details.

This is MacRanger of Macsmind. As you know I was hacked by operatives of the Obama Campaign last month. Well, it happened again. Basically they flooded the site with “sql bombs” according to the host that caused the shared server to stop running. Subsequently be had to disable the site. This had to do with running the “Obama wants to Disarm America” post which more than 2 million people viewed on the site. Just like the goons in Missouri, the Obama truthers can’t let the truth be known. I’ve now moved the blog back to blogspot at at least temporally. Because of the hacking job I had to move to another host but unfortunately they haven’t got the server up yet to redirect the traffic to blogspot. I would appreciate a mention to your readers. I’m getting a couple of hundred emails about “what happened”, but as you can imagine it hard to get the word out by reply.


Macsmind can currently be reached at blogspot. Here is the video they didn't want you to see:

BTW you will note that this is the first video in a long time. I will be having them more frequently now that there are so few people still on dial up.

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linearthinker said...

Anyway to format the video links so they only load on command? Hate those sites where the videos set up some kind of scripts that seem to initiate as soon as you scroll by them. Still haven't scrubbed my system to clean up the registry bugs.

And, thanks for your thoughtful approach to dialup readers to date.