Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is Virginia Lost For Obama?

Real Clear Politics has the State of Virginia in a dead heat. And yet the ∅bama team is pulling its people from Virginia and sending them to Pennsylvania. This seems like a desperation move for ∅. At this point Pennsylvania is tied according to some polls.

I just got an email from Barack Obama's campaign urging me to drive to Pennsylvania. The thing is... I live in Virginia. Virginia is supposed to be a swing state. They would rather have me knock on doors in Pennsylvania than Virginia? That sounds like they are abandoning Virginia.
Moving people from one state to another definitely gives you a fall off in effort due to distance, time, and interest. The better application of resources where there is hope is for the local people to do local work.

Things must be crashing badly for ∅. However, this is no time to let up our efforts. We must work to drive ∅'s numbers lower in order to give McCain a Congress that will support his policies.

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