Monday, September 15, 2008

Is Obama Jesus?

In this video Tom Brokaw holds up an ∅bama button saying Attention Sarah Palin. Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a Governor. Thus comparing ∅bama to Jesus. Well they do say he is The One We Have Been Waiting For. So maybe the connection is not so far fetched. Stupid maybe. Not far fetched.

Just another sign that ∅ and his friends don't understand Christians. How in the heck do they expect to get the Catholic Democrat vote with carp like that? Or evangelicals? Maybe they are trying to get a lock on the Unitarian vote or hope that they can lock up the Atheists for Jesus contingent.

They just added another point or two to McCain/Palin.

Now I'm Jewish and naturally have my reservations about the Son of God bit. But still, I know way better than to insult my Christian friends with shite like that.

Yet ∅'s "friends" think that is a winning slogan. ∅'s friends are his biggest enemies. Seriously. I couldn't think of a more stupid slogan in what is mainly a Christian nation.

The bitter clingers are not going to like that at all. At all.

And a lot of Blacks are devout Christians. What is he trying to do? Suppress the Black turnout? It is hard to imagine a more inept political campaign. In fact I have never seen one this bad in my lifetime. No doubt we will have to wait four more years to see something worse if the Gore, Kerry, ∅bama progression holds.

It is like they think religion is for the little people whose votes he doesn't need to win.

Of course the wags on the right have a really good counter slogan. Invoking Godwin's Law of course. Adolph Hitler was a Community Organizer. FDR was a Governor. We all know how that one worked out.

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drcabana said...

Pontius Pilate voted "Present".

Anonymous said...

Curse you, drcabana! I was going to post that. I don't remember where that came from, but it seems the perfect response.

drcabana said...

I read in on Instapundit. I think Reynolds attributed it to a commentor, but don't recall exactly. I think it's a meme worth repeating as a reply to the preposterous "Jesus was a community organizer" idiocy.