Sunday, September 07, 2008

Half Baked

A commenter named baked at Just One Minute was trying to explain ∅bama's position on Iraq and the surge vs McCain's position on Iraq and the surge. He wasn't doing a very good job so Charlie(Colorado) cleared it up for him.

So, baked, you're saying you prefer someone who got it wrong once and changed his mind to someone who got it wrong, changed his mind, changed his mind again, said he didn't change his mind, said claiming he'd changed his mind was a distraction, changed his mind again, said he didn't mean what he'd said, changed his mind again, and finally changed his mind and said that even though he was wrong before he was right to be wrong because being wrong wasn't right.
The next clarifying statement I expect from ∅bama on the subject is "I've said all along..."

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lkdemott said...

I think Palin can score points in a debate by taking this tack:

Look, I am new to national politics and I could play the game of saying what should have done with 20/20 hindsight. But I don't have to play that game because I support John McCain whose record is clear.
He supported the war in Iraq just the vast majority of American people did at that time and just as Senator Biden did. The war lost support among the public when it became obvious that we did not have a clear plan to win it.

There is one candidate who supported the war when it was popular and then when it started to become unpopular devised the strategy to win the war at great political risk to himself. That is John McCain.

We did the right thing by going to war and now, thanks to the courage and determination of John McCain, we are doing the right thing in Iraq by securing victory, defeating Al Queda and supporting a strong, free and democratic government in Iraq. Thanks to John McCain both victory and the planned withdraw of U.S. troops are in sight.