Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Drill Sgt. Says

Over at Althouse I noticed a particularly interesting comment.

The Drill SGT said...

Camapaign's be they political or military are all about morale. Him that has it wins, him that don't becomes worm food.

In a small unit action, you can hear it. the weapon noises are balanced, then something happens and all of a sudden you start hearing more M-16's and less AK's, then the noise tempo shifts further and the AK's drop off, and you start hearing yells in English as the good guys recognize that they are dominating the enemy. The battle is all over but the pursuit.

Unless McCain is destroyed in the debate or they find Palin guilty of taking kick-backs, the good guys have the momentum and it will be extremely difficult for Obama to recover any initative.

Compounding that, Obama now has a funding problem. He needs to raise 100 million a month and has many many fund raisers scheduled. McCain is completely free to campaign. Obama donors would give when Obama was sure to win, will they spend when obama is losing? who knows. McCain is getting 80 million regardless.

2:48 PM
Very interesting. Good stuff to know if you are ever leading small unit action in any field.


Pal2Pal said...

I've been saying that at least since the "Celebrity" ad hit, that the McCain campaign is being run as a fine-tuned military op. Prior to that, they may have been prepping the battlefield and it wasn't quite as obvious. Now I think there is no question.

M. Simon said...


An Alpha male fight is always a test of manhood.

You will note that I was always respectful of leo when I called his manhood into question. I didn't want to leave any opening for a counter attack. No poo slinging on my part.

You didn't get it when I started but my intent was to drive him off the board. Or get him to behave.

The fact that the trolls are becoming subdued is a sign. ∅bama's insults are a sign.

Right now it is fun to watch. In another week or two it will be very sad. Pathetic as his allies desert him. Because his alliances were never based on trust. They were always based on perceived strength.

This has the potential to be sadder even than Kerry. Kerry at least had a $billion to go home to and the "right" social circles. ∅ will just be a climber who climbed too high. Just another ghetto boy putting on airs. I'd put him on suicide watch.

chris said...

don't cry for obama, jackson and sharpton will retire eventually.