Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Roundup

Eric at Classical Values says it better than I could.

He ends his piece with one point I would take issue with. He quotes some one who says it is not a day for politics. Given that there is a large faction who are tepid in dealing with the fascists who perpetrated 9/11 and their supporters around the world, I think politics is definitely in order. There is a faction in America who would have given up on Iraq when the going got tough. Who would have given it up to the terrorists. One member of that faction is running for President. I will not shut up about politics.

Let me add that at 11 Sept 2001 13:03:07z - 4 seconds before 2nd plane hit I said to my mate "This means war". We will never surrender. They will.

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Joshua said...

9/11 was a huge own-goal for Islamic supremacists. Not only did it bring down the wrath of the U.S. military upon their heads, but it also cast a harsh spotlight on their ideology itself, and on the kind of world they intend to bring about. Warnings about their growing influence in the West, particularly Europe, would be a whole lot easier to dismiss out of hand as so much right-wing paranoia if bin Laden and company hadn't tipped their hand in such spectacular fashion on that day.

Indeed, my theory is that this is the main reason why we haven't seen anything resembling a sequel to that attack since then - not just because it's become a lot harder to pull off, but because Islamic supremacists belatedly realized how counterproductive 9/11 itself turned out to be.