Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Friend Triticale Has Died

My friend Triticale has died.

Tom and I were friends since the mid 70s (Chicago CACHE Club). We were among a number of hackers who made the computer revolution happen.

On the off chance any one in his family reads this: your loss is my loss, my deepest condolences.

The last I heard from him - a few months ago - I invited him to visit the next time he got near Rockford. He never let on to me that he had a problem.

Damn. I'm going to have a good cry. I'll miss him.

He sent me a message when he found me on the 'net telling me details about my personal life that only some one close to me would know. I asked - "who are you?" When he told me, I was very happy to hear from him since we had been out of touch for quite a few years. We just picked up where we left off.

And now I'm never going to see him in this life again. God Speed Tom.

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phlegmfatale said...

Blessings to him, his family and all who feel his loss most keenly.

Anonymous said...

He never let on there was a problem.

I think about this from time to time. If I knew for certain I was going to die at such and such time, would I get hog wild with the credit card? Take out a second on the house then head for a wilderness vacation? Or would I continue what I'm doing now?

Triticale must have enjoyed what he was doing. That's a pretty good way to be.

Perry de Havilland said...

That's a great pity. He commented on over 250 Samizdata articles and was clearly one of the Good Guys. Good speed, Good Sir.

Anonymous said...

He never let on there was a problem.

My brother never knew there was a problem. He'd always been strong as a horse, almost never got sick, so although he'd felt run down for a month he kept going... until he collapsed 2 weeks ago and was rushed to the emergency room. He had both advanced leukemia and lung cancer, and the cancer had spread to his brain. It was very sudden, very unexpected.

Thanks to all for your kind comments, it helps.