Thursday, December 20, 2007

Democrats Against Hillary

I was perusing some Democrat blogs that are looking at the Rielle Hunter/John Edwards story.

I found that Democrats Against Hillary is also covering the story. Here is a bit on why Democrats Against Hillary is a believer.

Why do I believe this? Well, aside from having a bit of my own inside information that I can't release, I've been burnt too many times by idealistic politicians who cheat on their wives...
You know Republicans are not exactly happy about some of their candidates. However, the Democrats are absolutely vicious.

Party unity is going to be tougher for the Democrats than it will be for the Republicans. It will be an interesting election season.

Update: The story is breaking out in the main stream media. The Cleveland Leader is covering it. Also the National Enquirer story is now on line. You don't have to read the jpg.

Yesterday Google had about 5,000 hits for "Rielle Hunter Edwards" as of now it is up to 13,000 plus. The story is starting to get legs.

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Democrats Against Hillary said...

Thanks for the link! The story is true. Edwards is scum.