Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Lessons of WW2

Gary Brecher in a piece titled Why I Hate WW II, explains the real war winning grand strategy of WW2.

... here's the real lesson of the war: military superiority in the narrow sense isn't nearly as important as economic strength and propaganda working in tandem.
So let me see if I can apply that lesson to the current struggle.

America has the strongest military in the world. Check.

America is probably the strongest single economic power on the planet. Just as was true in WW2. OK, we have that covered.

So how are we coming in the propaganda wars? The answer of course is "what propaganda war?" The only thing saving us is the ineptness of our enemies. Head chopping, throat slitting, and blowing up civilians at market are not very attractive. Unless you are a head chopper, a throat slitter, or hate shoppers. I'd say that demographic was fairly limited.

What is to be done? You tell me. Don't tell our government though. It would be a waste of time. They aren't listening.

Update: 21 Dec'06 0245z

Publius Pundit thinks democracy is the answer to the information gap. Based on his thesis I think the example of the Palestinians is instructive. Publius thinks that the fact that their choices have consequences is a good thing. A learning experience. I agree.


Karridine said...

Dovetailing (or underlining) your observations here, I suggest this link to Orson Card's excellent, short analysis of "How Civilization CAN Fall"


M. Simon said...

Karridine's link:

How Civilization CAN Fall

Anonymous said...

Oh, there is a propaganda war going on all right. Unfortunately, "our" media are on the enemy's side, if only because they're anti-American socialists.

B.Poster said...

In the propaganda war the only thing saving us is the ineptness of our enemies. That is about right.