Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Jews Did It

Libya has been prosecuting a Palestinian doctor and several Bulgarian nurses for intentionally infecting children with AIDS.

And who is the evil power behind this plot? One guess.

Indeed, the 200-page verdict from the first trial reads, says Colizzi, "like a bad spy film," laying out a sinister official theory of how these nurses brought AIDS to Benghazi. One nurse, the court decision says, masterminded the plan to spread HIV, storing the virus at her home in 24 green-topped blood-culture bottles. She lured the Palestinian doctor to participate in her scheme with the promise of a Bulgarian wife and $500,000 in a Swiss bank account. According to court documents, witnesses said the project was "prepared by Israeli Intelligence for political reasons and to start commotion" in Libya. The nurse supposedly carried out the plot on behalf of two English-speaking intermediaries named John and Adel, who supplied the virus. As corroborating physical evidence, investigators could point only to five "plasma bottles" purportedly found in the nurse's home, two of which they said had been shown to contain HIV. Colizzi and Montagnier examined the Western blots used and called them ambiguous. When they asked for the bottles so they could conduct their own analysis, the request was not granted.
Pictures from Libya and Bulgaria about the politics of this case. More news and commentary.

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