Saturday, November 18, 2006

Consider Yourselves Rebuked

Over at the HuffPo Lawrence O'Donnell is making with post election pontifications from the Democrat side of the aisle. He doesn't like Pelosi's backing of Murtha and Alcee Hastings who both are tainted by corruption. HuffPo commenter CanadianJack says:

Pelosi's choice for majority leader is a no brainer. Murtha is well known and widely regarded as a hero by rank and file Democrats for his opposition to the war in Iraq, while his opponent, Steney H.Hoyer, is an unknown, except within the limited world of the higher eschelons of the Democratic Party. Mr. Hoyer, whatever his qualities, is seen essentially as a well connected party apparatchik, while Murtha is the man who had the guts to take a stand against the war in Iraq.

As I write this missive, Democratic congressmen are being inundated with emails from constituents in support of John Murtha. The election of Hoyer to the position of majority leader by the newly elected Democratic Congressmen would effectively be a rebuke Nancy Pelosi and to the grass roots party activists who did the work to get them elected.
I guess the party activists got rebuked.

I wonder if they are aware of the Lieberman debacle in CT ? In a liberal state the electorate went for the pro-winning Iraq candidate over the loser. People notice these things. Even some Democrats.

It looks like winning the election is cracking the Dems. Even before they get in office.

We know in engineering that when a brittle material cracks the crack propagates very rapidly. The Democrats are brittle indeed.

I look for an interesting two years where the Republicans mostly rule despite having lost the election. No wonder Pelosi has to get it all done in 100 hours. By the end of that time party unity will be utterly destroyed. In fact given her performance so far she may not even get 1 hour.

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