Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Party Break Up Coming?

I was listening to Major Garrett being interviewed on WLS AM this morning. He claims that inside sources tell him that if the Democrats win today the party will crack.

I sorta said something like this for the 2004 election. I predicted a loss in that year would precipitate a fracture. My reasoning was the same as Major Garrett's today. Ideological disunity.

Kind of funny when the prospect of a win produces more disunity than a loss.


linearthinker said...

It's 10 pm in CA. Fox says Dems have the House. We may learn if the crackup factor is real as soon as they take office in Jan, and begin maneuvering to implement their threats re Iraq. Enjoy the posturing until then. No joy here.

Karridine said...

So... I'm a non-linear thimker sometimes, and I, too, can see that being elected and officially having the ear of other policy-makers could be MUCH MORE DIVISIVE than losing again...

"We MUST go this way! Convince the majority of Americans!"

"To hell with THAT! We're going to stay with the majority and strive to enact THEIR ideas!"

Yup. Demoblicans, Republicrats and Tweens.

M. Simon said...

linearthinker and Karridine,

I think the knives are at least being sharpened.